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12 Video Animator Interview Queries Must Ask at the Time of Meet Up

Video Animator Interview Queries

In this article will learn about Video Animator Interview Queries. Some people have this assumption that if they are hiring a video animator for the job, they are the only people who have the right to ask the questions, and the animator’s job is to answer them accurately and to create the animated video following their set of instructions. In order to clear this misconception, it is essential to know that interview for hiring goes both ways; if the client needs to be sure that they are hiring the right person for the job, then it is also crucial for the video animators to ask some queries from the clients as well.

It is imperious for the video animators to ask what is needed to be there in their knowledge to recognize the scope of the project, client’s requirements and expectations from the animators. Listed below are some of the vital questions needed to be asked from the clients at the time of interview meet up.

Query # 1: For What Purpose You Want the Animated Video?

There could be many reasons for which the clients are looking to have the video animation services. It is vital that you need to ask whether they want it for entertainment purpose, for promotional campaigns, creating awareness, or delivering any knowledge or information.

Query # 2: What Services or Product Does Your Company Sell?

Also, it is essential to understand what does the company of the clients deal in so that you can be relevant to the theme while creating the animated video for them.

Query # 3: How Many Animated Videos Do You Want?

Some clients look out to get more than just one type of animated video, which is why it is essential to know for how many animated videos they will be assigning the timeframe.

Query # 4: Which Type of Video Animation Are You Looking for?

As there are so many types of video animations, it is needed for the animators to know that what kind of animation are they looking for, so that you can calculate the scope and as well as you can see if you have expertise in creating that animated video.

Query # 5: Do You Want Any Theme to Be Followed in the Video?

Some clients have a pre-decided theme in their mind that they want the animators to follow, some people use color preferences to portray a particular them, whereas some people asked to use the sound effects or genre to represent the theme of the video.

Query # 6: Did You Happen to Hire Any Professional Video Animator or Video Animation Studio in The Past?

If the clients have previous experience of hiring any professional for the animated video services, then it will be helpful for you when you ask them to share their experience and sample of work to compare the quality.

Query # 7: How Was Your Experience with the Previous Hiring? (If Any)

Gaining the knowledge about the experience merely means that how big the project was, what the range of the project was, and what the quality that had been served by the previous hiring of the client was. All of this is important to be in an animator’s awareness.

Query # 8: What Is the Reason That Makes You Not to Hire Them Again?

As the quality of the project that was delivered to the clients from the previous hiring might not be good or maybe they don’t provide the type of services client is looking for, which might lead them to hire someone new. It is essential to know the reason so that you can avoid any similar mistakes while working for them.

Query # 9: Will You Be Providing the Script or Are You Expecting to Get It Arranged For You?

Some clients have the script for the video already prepared for the video, whereas some clients expect the animators to arrange the script and get it reviewed by them.

Query # 10: When Do You Want the Entire Project to Be Handed Over to You?

Make sure that you are being provided with the realistic and achievable timeframe. If the clients are being unreasonable with the deadlines, then try to convince them to meet you in the middle, by explaining the reasons and the entire process to them for which there is a need to extend the timeline.

Query # 11: What Is Your Budget for the Services?

Also, it is imperative to know whether the client is willing to pay the admissible amount for the services of animation that they want from you.

Query # 12: How Are You Willing to Pay the Amount?

There are three ways the clients agree on paying the amount. First, they might get agree on paying the fees in advance; secondly, they either insist on paying the entire amount once the project will be handed over to you. In the third case, clients settle on paying half of the charges or a small portion of the entire fees in advance, and pay the rest once they receive the project.

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