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Google Considering Pulling News Service From Europe

Google Considering Pulling News Service From Europe

This article about Google Considering Pulling News Service. Google is thinking about pulling its Google News benefit from Europe as controllers progress in the direction of questionable copyright law.

The European Union’s Copyright Directive will give distributors the directly to request cash from the Alphabet unit, Facebook and other web stages when parts of their articles appear in news indexed lists, or are shared by clients. The law should be concluded for the current week yet was postponed by contradiction among part states. Read More

SEO Trends

SEO Trends That Will Matter the Most in 2019!

The giant search engine, Google has always been heavily investing on making its core search algorithms more accurate and efficient. Whenever, a update is been on any of the algorithms it impacts directly over the SEO strategies and practices being followed by any digital agency or a freelance SEO geek.

All the SEO around the world always try sto adapt these changes and mold their strategies as per the Google’s search algorithm but most of the times these technical guys gets confused that what to do and what to not? Who to follow and who to not? Read More

How to Stop Counting of My Own Visits Google Analytics in My Website

How to Stop Counting of My Own Visits Google Analytics in My Website?

If you have a website then you will mostly use a google analytics package to track your visitors’ interaction on your website.

If you use Google Analytics you may have noticed that your own visits to your site are count and this can be a little disturbing as it is not giving you a true result of your visitors’ interaction with your site. So the first topic is:- Read More