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Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin Setup(beta version).

Congrats on completing the setup for Site Kit!

Site Kit by Google WordPress SEO Plugin.

In WordPress plugin store there are numbers of Google SEO plugins are available and it’s surprising that Google has taken this long to release their own WordPress plugin. So now Google Developers are lunch there first WP SEO plugin beta version.

The name of the Google SEO plugin is Site Kit by Google.

Site Kit WordPress plugin allows wp users to access these features:

Search Console

Understand how Google’s systems discover and render your website pages. See how many people saw your website in Search results, and for what queries.


See how users navigate across your website and if they complete the goals you have set as progress.


Keep track of how much your wp website is earning you. Or if you haven’t yet, make your good content work for you by setting up Google AdSense account.

PageSpeed Insights

See how your pages perform compared to other real-world sites. Increase performance with actionable tips from Google PageSpeed Insights.


How to Setup Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin?

First go to Google Search and type Site Kit. Click on First Link. Now you will see the download button on top corner called Get developer beta. Now you see the line called “Site Kit is available to download right here, and we’ve also opened up the project’s GitHub repository“.

upload wordpress plugin

When plugin is active then click on Site Kit. Now you see this UX.

Setup Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin

Click in

Site Kit by Google WordPress SEO Plugin

Click on Get OAuth Credentials. Then Yes > Next.

Site Kit Get OAuth Credentials

Copy the Site Kit Get OAuth Credentials Code and paste on the Client configuration text fields.

Client configuration

Click on proceed then Click on Sign in With Google. Then Allow all things. Click on Go to Dashboard.

Congrats on completing the setup for Site Kit!

This is the Dashboard. Now you will connect all the Services at top. Go through Setting and active all Services one-by-one.

This is it. Thank You!!!.

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