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SEO Trends That Will Matter the Most in 2019!

SEO Trends

The giant search engine, Google has always been heavily investing on making its core search algorithms more accurate and efficient. Whenever, a update is been on any of the algorithms it impacts directly over the SEO strategies and practices being followed by any digital agency or a freelance SEO geek.

All the SEO around the world always try sto adapt these changes and mold their strategies as per the Google’s search algorithm but most of the times these technical guys gets confused that what to do and what to not? Who to follow and who to not?

As we have already entered the era of 2019 and Google officials are always been predicting that by every passing day we are going to make our algorithms more efficient and accurate for the users, there is a lot we can already take care of before the changes being made.

Google is solely focusing making everything better for its users and keeping in mind this user-intent we have come up with five trends that will going to be the point of focus for SEO algorithms. Making your websites contained with these 5 trends will enable you to sustain your website in the search engines in a more efficient manner. The SEO trends that will matter the most in 2019 are:-

  • Mobile first indexing
  • User experience
  • Links
  • Valuable content
  • Voice search

Mobile First Indexing

By the 1st quarter of 2018, Google already announced that it has started migrating and calculating the sites that are following the best practices for mobile first indexing. Earlier, the crawling, indexing and ranking of the websites were made on the metric of users on desktop but no Google is highly considering the mobile users only because more than 65% of the searches are being made from mobile.

So aligning your website for mobile display should be your first priority in 2019.

User Experience

User is the king for Google’s search algorithm. Every website that is engaging and giving value to the users will be ranked by Google. User experience as a whole cannot be discussed in one piece, we will surely come up with it next time but some main points regarding user experience point of view you need to take care of could be page speed, structure, responsiveness etc.


Links are just like the votes for your website and getting less but highly relevant, natural and valuable links will remain the most important thing for your website to get ranked and excel with the Google’s search algorithms. High authority link with niche relevancy will still remain an important SEO trend for 2019.

Valuable Content

Content is king, and this statement will stand apart forever. Giving and publishing valuable content is equivalent to giving value to the users of the Google. Hence, providing valuable content to your readers and for the users will be an important SEO trend in 2019.

Voice Search

Voice is getting popular day by day, earlier people use make searches on Google by typing their queries in the search box but now, since the evolution of handy smartphones, people are making more searches using voice assistants on the smartphones. Android users are exploiting Google Assistant whereas the iOS users are using Siri app for their voice searches over the web. So making your websites aligned with such searches will help you out rank better among others.

Hence, there is still a lot we can discuss regarding the SEO trends to be followed in 2019 by according to experts the above mentioned five trends needed to focused more comparatively to others.

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