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If current page is the Blog Page then echo something WordPress.

This is the solution of how to echo something if this page is blog page.

if(is_archive() || is_author() || is_category() || is_home() || is_single() || is_tag()){
  echo "This is Flox Blog Page.";	

is_archive(): This is for archive post page, Just like here.

is_author(): This is for post or WordPress site author page, Just like here.

is_category(): This is for post category page, Just like here.

is_home(): This is for main index page of blog list, Just like here.

is_single(): This is for single post page, Just like here.

is_tag(): This is for tag page, Just like here.

Note some URL you will click is not working, Because of my yoast seo plugin duplicate content page redirection. So you will just know what these things are working.

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