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How to Start A Profitable WordPress Blog & Make Money Online?

when you search for the best way to earn money online then WordPress blog will be the best and reliable business model to earn money online.  if you want to build a good source of income then nothing is better than a blog.

How to Earn from A Blog?

earning from a blog is a very simple and reliable method. earning from a blog is a very simple and reliable method. There are many ways to earn by starting a WordPress blog. a WordPress blog has the power to reach millions of users and spread your idea, thought and service.

1.Google Adsense ( Run Advertisements On Blog)

Through Google Adsense, you can monetize your blog to generate money from advertisements. It is a #1 preferred method to earn money online. there is no cost of signup for Google Adsense account and allow to run ads on your blog.

2.Affiliate Marketing

The second method from which you can earn money is by promoting affiliate products and services. affiliate marketing is another best method to earn money online.  in affiliate marketing, you only need an audience or traffic to promote the products.

After promotion, when anyone will buy that product or service from your affiliate link. then the company will give you some commission on the product. affiliate marketing doesn’t require to work for long hours, you only have to work for 1-2 hours at your preferred time.

Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income along with your other work. now for the promotion, you need traffic and you can get free traffic from blogging.  so you can promote affiliate products on your blog through post or ad links.

3.Selling Services (Product)

If you are an expert in providing any service or have a product to sell then a blog is the best platform to promote. Through a blog, you can sell your products to thousands of customers online and you don’t have to spend money on running ads.

You will only have to build a WordPress website and work on it to appear in the search results of maximum traffic.

Now, we have seen many reliable methods to earn money from a blog. but for creating a profitable WordPress blog certain care should be taken to avoid falling.

Prerequisites For A Profitable Blog

1.Powerful Web Hosting

For building a profitable blog, it must be built with powerful services and systems. So that the blog can be sufficient to handle when large traffic will drive to it. so a powerful web hosting is required to host the blog on it.

Web hosting is a necessary component for building a powerful blog which can handle and stay online up to 24 hours for 365 days. when large traffic will come to your blog then stress is increased on the web servers and if it will be not powerful enough then it will crash. So to keep safe from crashing, a powerful web hosting with good features is needed.


Every day hundreds of blog are created for the same purpose of earning money online but only a few of them survives. It is because, in the beginning, people without absorbing good knowledge for building a good blog. they don’t care about the right components and start with some cheap hosting.

In the start they think, everything is okay. But after a few days, they see that their blog is loading very slow and also blog is unavailable for a long time during the day.

It leads to bad user experience due to the slow loading of the blog. speed is the major factor in generating leads and overpowering competition. People will only visit those blogs which take no time in loading information and data. Because who likes to wait! Everyone wants to get everything fast. So a blog which will take 1 millisecond to load, that blog will become profitable only.

3.SEO Content

Above mentioned methods are for building the best blogs. but for getting huge traffic on your blog, then you need to optimize it and do the SEO of your blog. for those who don’t know what is SEO – it is an optimization technique to optimize a blog for Google”s algorithm of search engine.

If your blog is appearing on the first page of google search, then your blog will get thousands of traffic.

Now, all the prerequisite is easy to do except for web hosting. because if you will search for web hosting then you will get a hundred results. it becomes very difficult to try them all and decide which one is the best. It requires hours of searching and testing.

So to help you out, we have mentioned the best powerful web hosting for a profitable WordPress. web hosting is tested and reviewed by us. It is Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service. It is the best cloud hosting with affordable pricing for beginners as well as professionals. Cloudways is completely different from other web hosting in the market. it focuses on providing world-class services and features at a low price.

Cloudways is very popular and trustable cloud hosting for WordPress blogs. all the above-mentioned requirements are fullied by Cloudways hosting. the servers are designed with SSD drives to increase the capacity and processing power of the servers. the servers are sufficient to easily handle large traffic on it as it implements CloudwaysCDN system to manage global traffic.

CloudwaysCND is free and it helps reach global traffic fast. A blog can’t load slowly on Cloudways servers. their servers are self-sufficient to repair themselves if any problem occurs. So you don’t have to leave your important work and worry about it.

There are a bunch of features and services offered in the Cloudways hosting plan. these features are very beneficial for building a profitable blog and earn money from it. all the features offered are completely free which will save your lot of money.

Cloudways Key Features( Available On All Hosting Plans)

  • Free SSL( For HTTPS Domain)
  • Free Site Migration
  • Free WordPress Plugins
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Daily Auto-Backups
  • 1-Click WordPress installer
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • 24/7 Support
  • Live Chat

Along with these features, they offer many services which help in building a profitable WordPress blog and make money online from it.

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