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How to Download XAMPP for Windows 7? How to install XAMPP in Windows 7?


How many type of Local Server?

There are three type of servers are there. It’s called XAMPP, Wamp and LAMP.

What is XAMPP Server?

XAMPP is software which allows you to create a web server and MySQL database without any additional configuration. You will just download and install the software in your pc. Then enable the Apache and MySQL. When enable this application you can access PHP, MySQL database and you will perform in development mode. This is a new tricks for us.

How to Download XAMPP for Windows?

1. Open your browser and type


2. Click on Download Menu Button.

apachefriends download

3. If you will use Windows 7 then XAMPP 5.6 PHP version is the best for your PC. So click on Download (32 bit) to download the xampp. 

XAMPP for Windows 5.6.39

How to Install XAMPP in Windows?

1. Open Download folder and double click on xampp-win32-5.6.39-0-VC11-installer.exe file. Then click on Yes.


2. When click on Yes, Again show a pop up like down image. Click on Yes button.


3. Again show a Warning message pop-up, Click OK.

xampp warning

4. When click properly then go to Setup – XAMPP pop-up. Again click on Next.

setup xampp

5. Click on Next.


6. Then select your folder where you will install your XAMPP file. By default it’s c:\xampp but my suggestion is that you will install the XAMPP folder in “D” drive or any other drive except “C” drive. Because in “C” drive if your windows in corrupt or any other problem then your all project under XAMPP server will delete when you will format your windows. That’s why you will always install XAMPP in other drive except your OS install drive.


7. Click Next.


8. Click Next.


9. Click Next. To install file. Please wait some time. If pop-up any  then click on “Allow access”.

10. Click on Finish Button.


11. Save your language(In my case its English).

xampp language

12. Now you will start your server click on start button.



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